Astro123 1.62.0001

It integrates some tools : N_Interp, MEandYOU, YOUandME, Transits and Keywords
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Astro 123 is basically an integrated version of various useful astrology programs into one single entity for facilitating the users. It integrates programs right from MEandYOU, which is useful for understanding composite chart meanings; N_Interp, which is useful for natal chart analysis; YOUandME, a handy program for understanding synastry chart meanings; Transits, a useful application for transit interpretations that includes a new transit report for more than one year of transits; down to Keywords, a versatile application for helping the user become better at general astrological analysis.

Astro 123 is also capable of performing various calculations for relationships like composition charts, dual Cosmo dynes, synastry, bi-wheels, and so on. This application basically serves as a nice solution for combining the advantages of all the individual programs into one, so as to facilitate the user in using the features of all the individual applications without the need of launching them one by one separately.

The installation is also easier in the latest version and the user can install it by simply double-clicking on installation file, and using the application is pretty easy as well.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Combines various useful applications into one


  • It doesn’t come with any new prominent additional functionality as such
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